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Scarlet Honeyeaters have irrupted into Victoria this spring, and have been recorded in many places that they have never been seen in before. It was great to find two at my local patch, which is probably not the right habitat for these at all. Wikipedia has an interesting article on irruption


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  2017-11-09 05:45 PM [Melbourne]


  -37.648877 , 144.858995 : 148.873 m

Near Greenvale VIC 3059, Australia


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David Francis, Cathy Powers, and Andrew Brown starred this.

  1. David Francis  Great to have a record to mark this amazing event. Reports coming from all over Victoria. A stunning bird.

    Reply • 09 Nov 2017

  2. Andrew Brown  Very interesting as I saw 5 Pied Honeyeaters in 'my local patch' 2 weeks ago. I've never seen them before but ofcourse didn't have the camera!

    Reply • 09 Nov 2017

    • Andrew Allen  Pied Honeyeaters are nomadic and a few have been seen around northern Victoria this spring, e.g. Goschen, Murray-Sunset NP. It would be very worthwhile to try and get some photos as they rarely some further south.

      Reply • 10 Nov 2017

      • Andrew Allen  *come

        Reply • 10 Nov 2017

      • Andrew Brown  Saw a White-winged Triller today at Kamarooka which is what I saw locally, so not Pied Honeyeaters after all.

        Reply • 11 Nov 2017

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