Birds of Riddells Creek

Birds of Riddells Creek

by Russell Best



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On Tuesday night I got bored so I decided to record a video of some birds and see what I would get from that. So I used my iPod to record a short ish video and it came up with this! I'm so happy. There were about 7 types of bird species.

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2017-02-28 12:07 AM [Melbourne]


-37.430878 , 144.654456 : 496.344 m

Near Riddells Creek VIC 3431, Australia


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  1. Ellena Best  Eopsaltria australis species id suggested

    Reply • 28 Feb

  2. Ellena Best  Phylidonyris novaehollandiae species id suggested

    Reply • 28 Feb

  3. Ellena Best  Malurus spp. species id suggested

    Reply • 28 Feb

  4. Ellena Best  Sericornis frontalis species id suggested

    Reply • 28 Feb

  5. Ellena Best  Rhipidura albiscapa species id suggested

    Reply • 28 Feb

  6. Ellena Best  And a white naped honeyeater?

    Reply • 28 Feb

  7. Cathy Powers  Great record, Ellena. Waterponds are my favourite spot to observe birds.

    Reply • 01 Mar

  8. Chris Clarke  Beautiful!

    Reply • 14 Mar

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