Anglesea Heath - Flora and Fauna

Anglesea Heath - Flora and Fauna

by Chris Clarke and Bill Strong


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  2016-10-16 09:19 AM


  -38.344463 , 144.166123 : 116.73 m

Near Anglesea VIC 3230, Australia


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  1. Chris Clarke  Hi Lorraine - do you think it could be this one? Pterostylis sp. aff. plumosa (Anglesea)?

    Reply • 16 Oct 2016

    • Lorraine Phelan  Hi Chris. I've just uploaded the one you mention. It has a green knob at the apex of the labellum. This one has a brown knob and I believe it is tasmanica but I'm happy to be corrected..

      Reply • 16 Oct 2016

  2. Chris Clarke  I think you are correct - dorsal sepal blunt - cheers

    Reply • 16 Oct 2016