Grampians NP - Plants

Grampians NP - Plants

by Russell Best


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  2016-10-09 01:15 PM


  -37.448846 , 142.486765


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  1. Kevin Sparrow  What is the difference between this one and C. gracilis

    Reply • 13 Oct 2016

  2. Kevin Sparrow  name change hey?

    Reply • 14 Oct 2016

  3. Chris Clarke  Seems to be a name change - C gracilis not in Flora of Vic. My books still have C gracilis. (From Flora of Vic) Difficult to distinguish from Caladenia moschata differs from C. cucullata in having generally larger, non-compressed (vertically), strongly fragrant flowers in a longer, less compact raceme. Caladenia moschata is more widespread than C. cucullata, and is found in most areas (except mallee) where the latter species grows.

    Reply • 16 Oct 2016

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