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Just wondered if anyone could possibly identify this snake from this terrible photo? This snake was lying across the verandah, partly under the Hardenbergia when I bowled out the nearby door, with the camera around my neck. My brain didn't tell me it was a snake and it then came towards me, then stopped, raised its head a few inches, then turned tail, disappearing into the leaf litter at the base of the Hardenbergia. Too close to the house, but!!! We have, a few years ago found a baby Copperhead near the house and have also seen Browns and Red bellied blacks further down the paddock. Just curious to know what this one near the back of the house is.


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  2016-02-02 06:18 PM


  -38.082021 , 147.086052 : 12.586 m

Near Cobains VIC 3851, Australia


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  1. Pauline McCarthy  Austrelaps spp. species id suggested

    Reply • 03 Feb 2016

  2. James Booth  Fantastic specimen. I have not seen a copperhead with this colouring before. Hope you have a chance to photograph it in a more relaxed setting next time.

    Reply • 09 Jul 2016

    • Suzanne Jones  Thanks James. Yes, I hope my brain is "in gear" next time I come across one.

      Reply • 09 Oct 2016