Tachyglossus aculeatus

Short-beaked Echidna


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This echidna has been very active moving backwards and forwards across our property in the last few week.
Today it didn't seem to notice me standing still and it came up and licked my shoes!


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  2016-01-13 02:18 PM


  -37.408025 , 144.5951


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  1. David Francis  It was an extremely hot, dry day. I wonder how echidnas keep hydrated. Do they drink? I've noticed quite a few echidnas moving around very actively at this time of the year.

    Reply • 13 Jan 2016

  2. Cathy Powers  David - they definitely drink. We have had them get water from our fish pond, our wildlife water pond and even our dam.

    Reply • 14 Jan 2016

    • David Francis  Thanks Cathy. I think our echidna must be travelling through our place to a dam below us. I just saw a photo on Bowerbird of an echidna drinking. I don't know why I thought they survived on little or no water (like a koala?).

      Reply • 14 Jan 2016

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