Great Otway NP - Plants

Great Otway NP - Plants

by Russell Best


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Black sepals are a key feature of this species (hence the name melantha). Pic 3 has a small insect on it, possibly a Hemiptera.

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  2015-07-07 01:04 PM


  -38.387542 , 144.248535


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  1. Leuba Ridgway  Very interesting - the flowers look lovely. I think I've seen these vines with fruit but didn't know what they were and haven't been able to get good shots.

    Reply • 29 Jul 2015

    • Russell Best  Hi Leuba, this one is quite a strong climber with tiny flowers. It is very common and I've seen it at many places but this is the first time I've seen flowers open. The fruit are greenish and globular and are often called snotty-gobbles! Cassytha are also well known as host plants for some butterflies, e.g. Candalides hyacinthus.

      Reply • 31 Jul 2015