Baluk Willum Nature Conservation Reserve, Belgrave

Baluk Willum Nature Conservation Reserve, Belgrave

by Linda Richmond


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Called the "Notched Onion-orchid" this orchid plant was about 50 cm high. I could see a single long sheath like leaf from the centre of which rose a slender green stem bearing a spike of flowers.
The central sepal was hooded covering the petals. Lateral sepals curled backwards. The lip was bilobed with a slightly wavy margin.
At first this plant looked like it had unopened buds- the flowers were so small and are not conspicuous. They are apparently scented !
Spotted in semi-shade.

Date & Time

2014-10-30 12:57 PM [Melbourne]


-37.941744 , 145.340934 : 183.831 m

Near Belgrave South VIC 3160, Australia


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