Baluk Willum Nature Conservation Reserve, Belgrave

Baluk Willum Nature Conservation Reserve, Belgrave

by Linda Richmond


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These were low growing from two oval shaped leaves up to about 70mm above the ground and about 40mm wide. Roughly half a dozen calli occur in the rear part of the labellum plus a single taller stalked callus standing in the back. The calli decrease in size to the front. The orchids dupe male Thynnus sp. (flower wasps) by producing the 'scent' of a female wasp. The flower has a large labellum including a group of dark, shiny calli (stemmed knobs and buttons) with a particular 'insectiform' arrangement. The broader callus at the centre is what the male wasp grasps at causing the labellum to collapse upwards. The wasp’s thorax is then coated with pollen as it fights it's way out.

Date & Time

2014-10-15 12:29 PM [Melbourne]


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