Weeds of Riddells Creek

Weeds of Riddells Creek

by Russell Best


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Came up in in-laws' garden. It was 1.5m tall when we pulled it out. Could be first record in Australia.

Date & Time

  2015-01-08 09:04 AM


  -37.458534 , 144.683059


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  1. David Francis  A wild guess - Coprosma rotundifolia (NZ).

    Reply • 22 Jan 2015

    • Russell Best  Thanks David. I hadn't looked at that one. Looks close but I'm not sure it is quite right. I'm stuck on the various Cotoneaster.

      Reply • 25 Jan 2015

  2. Russell Best  ID by the team at the Herbarium.

    Reply • 24 Mar 2015