Insects and other Invertebrates of Riddells Creek

Insects and other Invertebrates of Riddells Creek

by Russell Best


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About half the size of the other common, large red Netelia wasp seen at this location. ID as Netelia spp. by Ken Walker who is also not sure it is Netelia spp.. Ken added "There are several genera (eg: Enicophilus, Ophion, Leptophion, Riekophion etc) that all have the same body shape and colour. The wing venation is the key to distinguishing these genera. I have punted for Netelia as and identification because I believe I can see a small triangular cell on the outer margins of the forewings."

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2014-11-16 09:19 PM [Melbourne]


-37.430863 , 144.654707 : 495.311 m

Near Riddells Creek VIC 3431, Australia


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